Textbook: Call to Freedom
I. Review of Middle Ages and Renaissance
a. innovations
b. formation of guilds
c. medieval life

II. Europe in 1492/early exploration
a. daily life in Europe
b. personality traits of various early explorers
c. effects of European’s discovery of America
d. Columbian exchange
e. Spanish conquest of America

III. Protestant/English Reformation
a. Martin Luther
b. Henry VIII

IV. Reaching the Americas
a. early English settlements
b. 3 main regions of colonial America-people, beliefs, resources,
physical features, etc.

V. Life in the English Colonies
a. lifestyles
b. regional and overseas trade-mercantile system and navigation acts
c. colonial rights, governments, education, and religion

VI. The Road to the Revolution
a. Great Britain and its colonies conquer New France
b. troubles arise between Great Britain and the colonies
c. key events that made the conflict grow worse
d. factors that contributed to the start of the American Revolution

VII. The American Revolution
a. early battles
b. Independence declared
c. other battlefronts-middle colonies
d. events ending the war
e. results of the American Revolution

VIII. Citizenship and the Constitution
a. basics of the Constitution
b. rights guaranteed to Americans
c. basic principals of government

IX. Creating a Republic
a. new nation-confederation of states
b. Grand Convention
c. basic beliefs to control power in our government

X. The New Government Begins
a. organization of the new government
b. Washington as president
c. foreign problems-solutions
d. John Adams as president

XI. The Expanding Nation
a. importance of the Louisiana Purchase
b. Lewis & Clark
c. events surrounding the War of 1812
d. results of the War of 1812