Below is the homework for Mr. Davidson's classes
for all other Gold homework follow the link below to the google site:
Gold Homework website:

Gold Team Progress Report sheet each week check grades on sapphire every third week submit signed paper
Grade sheets due:4/295/65/13Collected 5/11, 12, 13

7th Grade History--Study 15 minutes EVERY nightMany STILL owe Medieval people packet CH 18, 19, 20, 21Medieval ABC Books due 5/24Refer to yellow packet (schedule and rubric)Second Benchmark due 5/5Third Benchmark due 5/13Fourth Benchmark due 5/17

8th Grade Civics--
Study 15 minutes EVERY night!
Many STILL owe Coming of the Revolution booklet!American Revolution Virtual Museum presentationsPresentations begin week of 4/25Check blue packet for schedule and rubricCh 7 Vocab THQ due 4/19Ch 7.2 THQ due 4/21Ch 7.3 THQ due 4/26Ch 7.4 THQ due 4/28Ch 7.5 THQ due 5/3

7th Grade Geography
(ALL assignments are completed in class with ample time)
Intro to Asia Mapsbackground notesSheppard softwarre