What Can I Do at Home?
    • Make sure your child arrives at school well-rested.
    • Make sure your child has a good breakfast before school.
    • Set a regular time and ensure a quiet place for your child to do homework.
      • Ask to see their agenda book
      • Ask to see their completed homework
    • Ask your child what he or she has learned in school each day.
      • Be sure to ask the question open ended, so a conversation begins (What are you studying in .....)
    • Limit his or her television, computer and video game time.
      • Possible use as a reward, daily
        • All homewrok completed and turned in or the opposite missing assignments, lose the privilege
          • The key is to keep it daily so the child can earn the reward each day!
    • A continued open line of dialogue between home and school

What Can I Do at School?
    • Attend school programs.
    • Read the school newsletter.
    • Join the parent-teacher association.
    • Take part in after-school events.
    • Get to know your child's teachers.
    • Support your child in school activities.

What About the Teenage Years?
    • Keep the lines of communication open.
    • Set fair and consistent rules with your teenager's input.
    • Support his or her future and continue to show that education is important.
    • Set a good example through your own involvement in school and community.
    • Continue to make time for family activities.